Jewels and Fringes

“I was inspired to do this piece because of my interest in cultures all over the world. I did this piece during Native American History Month. The fringes in general are based on Native American fashion. I was going to name this piece Native American with Grey Outfit and Jewelry, but her skin is too light. Her name is Stylish Jewel, she wants to design and model in fashion shows. She discovered her love of fashion at a young age when she traveled to the city to attend school. Her family and friends on the reservation encouraged her to follow her dreams of being a fashion model and a fashion designer. She uses a combination of traditional Native American and modern fashion for her designs. She is the first of her tribe to be a fashion designer and model. Stylish Jewel gets several interviews a week. She sometimes gets accepted to participate in fashion shows. Her designs usually get accepted in fashion shows. She has her own fashion magazine that gets published weekly.  She has traveled all over the world at least once a year. Stylish Jewel’s stage name is Jewel Fringe. Her hobbies are drawing fashion, photography, participating in her tribe’s activities. She goes back to the reservation once in a while. Her family and friends are proud of her success. She had been drawing since she was a child. She is advocating for Native Americans.  She also teaches courses on fashion design at a business school to help her make ends meet. The modeling helps her earn money for fabrics and artist supplies.”


Are you interested in this piece or a custom order? This piece of artwork can be made into notecards, corporate gifts, pens, prints, and more.



Marker on paper