“I love cats!!! Max Cat is based off of my cat, Max (1990-2004), that I have owned since he was 2 years old until he died at 13 years old. My late mother got this cat for me when I underwent back surgery at 11 years old. I was born with scoliosis and I had used a back brace ever since I was in school until I had surgery to help me overcome scoliosis. I started drawing cats at the WAE Center and this piece is really the start of my feline illustrations. My cat Max had to be put to sleep because he had kidney failure. He wasn’t able to move or do anything and he needed to be put to sleep at the vet. It was delightful to have Max as a pet.”


Are you interested in this piece or a custom order? This piece of artwork can be made into notecards, corporate gifts, pens, prints, and more.

Contact monica@jsddmetrowest.org


Marker on paper