Lisette R.

Lisette has loved expressing herself through art and music since she can remember. She graduated from the School of Art & Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Illustration. She began studying and practicing web and graphic design initially to promote her own artwork and quickly started getting freelance clients. Lisette was still searching for artistic opportunities when a little ad in the paper caught her eye in 2005. She met with Marilynn and shortly after trained with Esther at Matheny’s Arts Access program. She fell in love with the methodology, the process and the people and has loved being part of the WAE Center ever since.

Lisette was studio manager for over 3 years and trained other facilitator artists to work in the Art Studio. She continues to facilitate once a week and works as an illustrator and graphic & web designer for various clients in the NY/NJ area including the WAE Center. She created the branding and designs for the Chairs of Inclusion promotional materials. Lisette treasures her WAE family and is constantly inspired by the amazing artwork members have been creating all these years. She loves animals (real and stuffed,) watching movies and is addicted to nut cheeses and vegan donuts.

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