Phebe K.

Phebe had the pleasure of being introduced to the WAE center back in 2012 when she was hired to be an art facilitator. The idea of empowering artists to make their own decisions in their work and life was compelling. She liked this idea of a “hands off” approach in guiding someone’s work. At that time in her life, she was making a career shift from interior designer to photographer. The design industry had left her feeling like a cog in a machine opposed to an inspired artist. The WAE Center brought her back to life, reminding her to follow her own “spark within”.

After managing the art studio for a few years, she decided to step away from the WAE Center to focus on developing and honing her work as a photographer. She now captures lifestyle images, utilizing what she learned at the WAE Center, by stepping back and allowing my subjects to be as they are. Ten years later, Phebe was excited and proud to witness how much the WAE Center had grown. She was honored to be asked to rejoin the WAE family as a consultant, teaching the members photography. A graduate of Rutgers University’s Business School & the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Fine Arts program, Phebe considers herself a perpetual student always learning and exploring behind the lens. You can find her current photography work at