Gallery Aferro Visit – “On Belonging and the Void Between”

We found ourselves traveling on the 17th to Newark to see the “On Belonging and the Void Between” exhibit at Gallery Aferro. This exhibition is a selection of works about the nature of belonging and a look to the vacuous and vulnerable experience of being out of place. Without a sense of belonging, we are adrift in a sea of otherness. Of the ways we may untether from familiarity, the shift in becoming an outsider can shake the foundation of our very sense of self.

The exhibit was really cool and it was lovely having Emma take us through the show. She shared a lot of insight and was very personable with the members. The members were really engaged and had a lot to say and share. We started the trip off with a conversation in the van about “belonging”… what is belonging? What do we identify as belonging to? People seemed really affected by the show.