“Feast & Famine” at Robeson Galleries

We got back to Robeson Galleries at Rutgers University in Newark for a really fun visit to see the “Feast & Famine” exhibit, currently on display through March 21st, 2020. There was certainly lots of inspiring conversation around the works; everyone has lots of ideas about food and what it means to them. “Feast & Famine” explores food as a social, political, and bodily phenomenon. The exhibition considers food as a commodity; the relationship between food, death, sex, and the abject; food’s relationship to global economics and geo-politics; food and its likeness as a medium for artistic experimentation; the food chain and the environmental impacts of food production; and food justice. Feast & Famine gathers together works in a variety of media from artists and artist collectives working nationally and internationally, at different stages in their career. After the tour, we were given the wonderful opportunity to participate in a creative workshop, run by the gallery staff. On display now through March 21st, 2020. Paul Robeson Gallery, 54 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102