Janet B.

JANET B. has been making art from a young age. She remembers doing sculpture in school and drawing was a household activity for her.

These days Janet likes to paint with acrylics. “I feel excited as soon as I step into the art studio,” she says. Janet often likes to work on big-size canvas and enjoys adding texture to her paint. When asked what inspires her paintings, she says, “It just comes to me.”  “I take my time,” adds Janet when asked how long it takes her to finish a painting.

Janet’s work is mostly abstract. She shows a certain pride in her work as she talks about it with enthusiasm. “I hope that people feel inspiration when they look at my work,” she concludes with a twinkle in her eye. Janet’s paintings tend to have a lot of depth due to the color and texture. In her drawings Janet, creates dynamic shapes with vibrant color.

Some other hobbies Janet enjoys are listening to music, rock and roll is a favorite. Making jewelry is another pastime. Janet loved building model cars with her cousin when she was younger. “We made lots of them,” she said.

I feel excited as soon as I step into the art studio.


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