Mishawn L.

MISHAWN L. is a joyful artist who is determined and experimental in her work.  Primarily she uses acrylic paint, flicked from her fingers and hands on to canvas to express her artistic self.  She makes beautiful movements with her hands as she creates these intricate and thoughtful pieces. She is also exploring digital art.

She always enjoyed art as a child, and has found that she is exploring it more now that she is at the Wae Center.  She is developing her own unique style and defining it each day.  She says, “The whole process is exciting to me.  I like covering up the canvas with the paint, it talks back to me.”

This dialogue with the painting inspires Mishawn to create; it allows her to “inspire herself from inside”.  Other times she will be motivated by the other artists working around her.  She shared that sometimes she’ll think about specific people while she is painting.

Depending on the amount of paint or layers she will put on the piece determines how long she spends working on it; this is often determined as things go along.  Mishawn really enjoys painting on a larger scale; she says, “It lets me splatter more freely.”

She hopes people will have a conversation of their own with her artwork; that they will walk away from it, thinking that it is good.

Outside of creating artwork, Mishawn also enjoys writing, beading, shopping, getting her hair done, and cooking.  A proud member of the Cerebral Palsy Community, Mishawn wrote and starred in a PSA Video about what it is like living with cerebral palsy.



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Gaelen Gallery East
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CareOne, Fort Lee, NJ
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Old Chatham Country Store & Café
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