Tamilah A.

TAMILAH A. is a prolific artist who spreads her talents over many artistic mediums.  She likes to try new things; “I work with yarn, Wikki Stix, jewelry, markers and painting. I’ll try anything.”

She has been creating art for almost her entire life, but her output really kicked into a higher gear around 2012, soon after she started coming to the WAE Center.  Tamailah likes to use her imagination when creating her art; she says that she likes to use “romance and happy things like fairy tales” as her inspiration.

Tamilah likes working with bright colors, and she likes to “… hear the comments of others after they have seen my art.”

As Tamilah is mostly blind (she can see bright colors) she is most sensitive to the texture of the objects that she creates. “I like to feel it. I see with my hands.” An individual piece may take her anywhere from two-weeks to a month depending on the complexity involved. Her paintings are mostly large, but at other times, especially when building her jewelry pieces, she works very small.  She must be very patient as she threads the tiniest of holes of the beads used to build her jewelry pieces.

As an advocate for the blind community, Tamilah wants to impress the importance of following one’s dream. “I want to tell people that it is cool being blind. I want to communicate to other blind people that if I can do this, they can do it also.”

When not creating art and being a champion for the blind, Tahmilah likes to knit, crochet, talk on the phone, listen to music, or read using braille.

I create art because it makes me feel good and happy about myself.



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