Tyler B.

Tyler is a newer artist who first started experimenting with watercolors before focusing on acrylic painting. He loves mixing paints to create his own colors and has become known in the studio for his beautiful palettes.

Tyler is a focused artist who finds art very relaxing and is open to exploring various techniques. His work often has a graphic type look with shapes, color blocks and designs but he also likes adding water to his paint and doing different splatter techniques. He states that he usually likes to do 3 layers on his paintings.

Tyler says he “sees something in my mind” and often creates in the moment rather than having a specific idea or plan beforehand. Some of his preferred colors are inspired by favorite colors of his loved ones. He also mentions how he likes to use and create colors based on clothing he sees at the store and vice versa and is sometimes inspired by colors he sees fellow artists use in the studio.

Tyler hopes viewers feel joyful and emotional when viewing his “expressive” artwork. Tyler says about art, “It’s relaxing and art helps me and gets me creative.”

Tyler also enjoys playing tennis at the park, exercising, and participating in cooking class and recycling club.

It [art] is relaxing and art helps me and gets me creative.


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