Victoria S.

VICTORIA S. enjoys working with acrylic paints on canvas, she also likes using oil pastels and charcoal in her drawings. When asked about her relationship with art, Vicky says, “In elementary school I started doing art, thinking I wouldn’t like it at first. But then I discovered that I love drawing, colors, shapes; it all is inspiring to me.”  She is often inspired to create her art by the “… pictures that pop up in my head”.

In recent years Vicky has been concentrating on a technique she discovered, that being splatter painting. She also likes to incorporate the use of small tools in the wet paint to make designs in the splatters.  “It helps me to get out anger and stress”, she says.  Victoria says producing artwork is something she can always do that helps put her in a calm state of mind.

While her paintings are abstract in nature, they are definitely connected to Vicky’s emotions. Her drawings tend to be more representational, including ocean scenes, people, the sun and the seasons.

It takes Vicky usually two or three sittings to finish a painting.

When asked what she hoped people would get from looking at her paintings, she said “I never thought of that before.” After a few moments of reflection she added, “I wish for people to take a deep breath and release some stress.”

Other hobbies Vicky enjoys are jewelry-making, crafts, yoga and karate.


Private Showcase
Old Chatham Country Store & Café
Private Showcase
TK Home & Garden
19th Annual Juried Art Show
Gaelen Gallery West
Annual Summer Showcase
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School