WAEWorks Program is growing!

Our WAEWorks Program is continuing to expand and grow. Our facilitator Tim is training members in developing their fine art technique. Recently, his group has been working on perspective, light, and shadow. Yvette, the Program’s Coordinator, has her hands full with 4 different classes. She is revisiting the basics with a brand new group. She is busy with her “Products Group”, working on building sale-able product (which can be purchased at our gift shop). She is also moving two groups from the last session on to Phase II of the curriculum, exploring new and exciting prospects with them. Lisette is gaining a lot of momentum with our “Advancing the Artist” class; advising members on how to promote themselves as working artists, setting up resumes and business cards, along with creating an online presence for themselves. Recently, the artists have been working on submitting their own work for shows.