Hard at Work on “Doorways to Infinite Possibility”

We have been working hard on our upcoming art installation, “Doorways to Infinite Possibility”. The exhibit will open at the JCC Gaelen Gallery East on November 4th, 2018, with a gala reception. The exhibit brings in 10 professional area artists, who work directly with members to create a piece of artwork together. This is similar to what we did with our hugely successful “Chairs of Inclusion” exhibition. Small groups of members spend a period of time with each artist to help them bring their vision to life; supporting the belief that each person is a capable and contributing member of our society.

The show will premiere at the JCC Gaelen Gallery East and then move on to a national tour. More info will be soon to follow. Artists include Amy Tingle, Heidi Sussman, Keely McCool, Ellen Hanauer, Mansa Mussa, Claude Larson, along with many others whom we will feature in upcoming posts.