“Doorways to Infinite Possibility” Gala and Opening

We premiered our “Doorways to Infinite Possibility” exhibit with a smashing gala event, celebrating the success of our Capital Campaign Project to raise funds for the construction of our new free-standing building.  Guests were treated to an evening of incredible catered food, drink, and artwork.  There was also an auction that was very successful in selling the artwork of our members; a great deal of money was raised for the WAE Center and the artists alike.

The following week, we hosted our Opening Night Reception for the show; friends and family joined us in honoring the work of our talented artists.  The show runs through the end of December at the Gaelen Gallery East, located inside the West Orange JCC.   The “Doorways to Infinite Possibility” is a collaborative multimedia exhibition reflecting literal and figurative expressions of movement from one place to another.  JSDD WAE Center artists working alongside lead artists, explored the notions of home, transition, reflection and all the ways these concepts weave together in an artist’s mind. The result is a highly introspective group show that captures the magic which happens when barriers to inclusion vanish.