Artist Feature: David L.

Congratulations to David L. who recently had one of his digital paintings chosen by Boston Art to be displayed at one of their client’s locations. He was also the featured artist in JSDD’s November newsletter.

David L is a prolific artist. He is happiest while in the studio creating and there is a meditative quality to his way of painting. He began working in acrylics…which tended to be highly textured with deep brushstrokes in dense paint.

Facilitator Esther Tanahashi observes: “The magic of David’s strokes is that they are slow and deliberate…and there is nothing random about what he creates.”

David was introduced to the Digital Art program, and his work was forever altered. Where he once worked in deep earth tones…creating compositions often focused on two hues…he now works across the color spectrum and uses strokes in more diverse ways.

Art Studio Manager, Harry Klein notes: “I think David finds a different kind of freedom in creating digital art.”

The medium of digital art has yielded an additional benefit: the creation of stunning products! The crisp digital images, full of color and movement translate beautifully to a wide variety of objects. His work has been used to create elegant scarves which are a fan favorite. This holiday season we have ventured further into home goods and textiles creating: a zippered pouch, a large tote bag and a fabulous pillow.

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