WAE to Sell & the Redbubble Shop

The WAE to Sell class with Yvette teaches participating artists ways to create passive income by having the artist’s artwork featured on a variety of products through a print-on-demand online store. Products include apparel, accessories, home decor and more.

Over the past two and a half years the WAE Center Redbubble store has developed and grown. Since going public in early 2022, new collections have been added and experience has grown. In addition to the work of Hiyas S. and Kristen I., the Redbubble store now includes Kevin C., Kimmy F., Pride, and Halloween collections. Our most recent collection will feature the work of Grace S.

In recent months, the group was happy to find that their hard work has resulted in some sales. With the hope that more people will discover our member-based online store, they continue to create new artwork and look forward to inviting others to join them.