Submissions and Exhibits

As a fine art studio, artwork created by our members is submitted for various shows and exhibitions throughout the tristate area. Often, the art is simply offered as a neutral piece of work, coming from an artist–not a submission that was created by an artist with a developmental disability. The art studio works with artists to submit their work to juried shows where they receive critical observation, and a number of artists have enjoyed unreserved recognition for their exhibited work. When members’ work sells, they receive a commission. For many, this is the ultimate ego-booster and the belief in themselves skyrockets.

Trips and Workshops

Galleries throughout the county are often a destination for small groups of members, exposing them to the work of other professional artists. The inspiration that comes from these trips is immeasurable, as the excursions influence members on many different levels. Guest artist workshops are arranged at the Center to lead the members through a short (2-6 week) workshop series where they might learn a new skill or art technique from other local artists. The guest artists always leave feeling that not only have they touched someone but that they, themselves, have been moved in a unique and profound way.


The “Workability Program” introduces members to classroom opportunities designed to develop their skills towards employability. Comprehensive training is offered in advancing artistic talents, cultivating business skills, and fabricating a product that is saleable. Members learn about expectations, following directions, and product development. A different kind of satisfaction comes from their involvement in these workshops, further advancing each member’s self-confidence and worth.


One of the most important goals of the WAE Center is building “community.” Every day, not only are members learning from staff and each other, but staff are also learning from the members. The community supports each to dream, to grow, to overcome preconceptions, to share common experiences and challenges and to feel whole.